Precise assembly depends on exacting attention to every detail, especially with hundreds of module variations passing through a single assembly operation. We engage Poka-Yoke quality management for error-proofing in all facets of our process to make sure you always get it on time, in sequence, exactly the way it was ordered.

At CpK, our state of the art equipment and processes leave nothing to chance. Light curtains illuminate to highlight the specific component needed for the product being built. Targeted bar code scanning ensures that the right part is in the right place at the right time. Every step of the assembly process is verified to ensure the elimination of fit and finish issues including buzz, squeak and rattle.

Here, technology and craftsmanship work together for the ultimate in precision.


To support the build of multiple product variations, our teams are prepared to deal with build complexities, part delivery and inventory management.

Variation is our

Each of our products has many variations which are further amplified when our customers offer a “buzz” model to the marketplace.  Dealing with complexity is our business.

Outbound Logistics

As a result of the complexity of our product line up, we ship to broadcast multiple loads of Instrument Panels, Door Panels, Consoles and Hard Trim. Regardless of whether our customers are across the city or several hundreds of kilometers away. We ensure our product is shipped on-time, every-time.

Assembly Footprint

We are equipped to assembly product in multiple configurations and are adept at handling complexity both on the assembly line and/or through the application of kitting cells. Whatever the need and regardless of the variation our team embraces the challenge. We are capable of molding componentry for assembly in house. Additional product that is not within our wheel house of manufacturing can be purchased from directed or non-directed sources, depending on your product design. We have the ability to manage both our own and any consigned inventory. CpK is flexible to the needs of our customers and ensures every product is assembled on-time, every-time.

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