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Injection Moulding

Precision Moulding

Vertical integration is a mainstay at CpK and in-house injection moulding of Class A interior products, structural components and large complex modules is a core competency. A heritage in moulding knowledge paired with state of the art equipment allows us to meet your design specifications where others cannot. CpK’s tuned equipment includes the most up-to-date computer-integrated-manufacturing (CIM) and robotics to ensure the efficiency and accuracy we demand of each and every product we produce.

injection moulding companiesIt takes more than technology to claim we are world-class moulders. Our employees are trained in advanced moulding techniques, quality assurance and continuous improvement. Aligned with the essence of our CpK brand, we record SPC data automatically and always ensure that we stay within the processing window that correlates to consistently superior part quality and performance.

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Use of advanced problem solving tools help to monitor conditions for consistent part quality.

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Process Parameter

We utilize SPC software on the machine to monitor key process parameters.

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Raw Material

Raw material stored in silos is checked by our quality lab before unloading. (COA verified)

Capable of running a variety of thermoplastic materials and engineered resins, including PC, PC ABS, ABS, TPO, LFG and PP.

All hydroscopic material is dried in desiccant dehumidifiers to ensure proper processing and part quality.

Each material has its own processing conditions and is set up using the supplier’s recommended processing parameters.


By utilizing robots and conveyors, our moulding machines are designed and capable of running fully automated.

Utilizing the IMM robot, we are capable of sequencing in automated degate operations when required to reduce operations.

We are capable of building the required End-of-Arm Tooling needed for a fully automated part removal process. When required degating capabilities can be designed into the tooling to facilitate the delivery of a finished part.