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Design for Manufacturing


At CpK we are proponents of DFM — (Design For Manufacturability.) What is DFM? Why do we care? These are a couple questions we are asked in the development phase of a new product. It is is the process of designing parts, components or products for ease of manufacturing with an end goal of making a better product at a lower cost. This is done by simplifying, optimizing and refining the product design.

Working together to implement DFM practices ensures products are not only functional to their original purpose but also optimally designed to the machinery, tooling, or process in which it will be manufactured. Ensuring a product follows DFM practices means that the part you see on the computer screen will be able to be manufactured and its production will run smoothly and cost-effectively.

The earlier CpK consultants are involved, the more we can help with your design goals. Whether your goals involve unique textures, ultra-soft cast skins, or the use of lightweight or recycled materials, consult with our specialists to bring your exclusive interior designs to life.


Tapping into our state-of-the-art resources and expertise early in the engineering stage is the absolute best way to achieve exemplary results, proven time and time again.


Working together we can shape the best solutions to accomplish your craftsmanship goals while achieving product and manufacturing efficiencies.

A Complete Design For Manufacturing Process

We examine the following five principles during our DFM process. They are:


Cross-Functional Design

Our DFM process includes all the stakeholders — engineers, designers, manufacturer, tool builders and material supplier. The intent of this “cross-functional” DFM is to challenge the design — to look at the design at all levels: component, sub-system, system, and holistic levels — to ensure the design is optimized and does not have unnecessary cost embedded in it.

Developmental Workflow & Design Process

Our DFM process allows us to look at our designs throughout the developmental phase with the intent to:

Minimize the number of product parts/components
Use standardized parts wherever possible
Design multi-functional parts
Design for ease of manufacturing
Design your part to minimize handling, especially during production and assembly
Minimize assembly direction
Design your product to eliminate or minimize the fasteners or adhesives
Design your part to maximize compliance

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