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Cast Skin and Foam

Premium Haptics

At CpK Interior Products our cast skin and foam products provide a premium look and feel. A signature product for luxury interiors, we have the best-in-class casting dual grain gloss surface that will make your interior a winner with even the most demanding consumers. Our current and past products have multiple J.D. Power awards for Instrument Panels and Doors.

Our casted moulded-in-color products provides a premium appearance along with a number of other advantages including design freedoms for form, design and your required haptic feel.  Advanced light weight skin and foam technologies present weight reductions encouraging savings at the vehicle level and at the component level. Whether you are designing a top pad or a windshield edge to knee edge Instrument Panel, we have the technology to develop your product to provide consumer satisfaction. Contact a CpK Interior Products professional today for expert insights on how cast skin and foam technology can transform your vehicle interior into an award winning product.

Cart Parts manufacturer

Process Knowledge

Engineering capacity to support program management and design evolution.  Advanced research and development group for enhanced material development and testing to support validation requirements.

Cart Parts manufacturer


CpK has stood the test of time by maintaining growth in a turbulent market. The core competencies of our business empower designers to do more than that which traditional vacuum forming allows.  We can meet the demands of your complex designs.

Skin Stitching

Outpacing the competition and providing our customers with the latest in design freedom means that we must be on the leading edge of change. Innovation is a core competency of the CpK brand. Our ability to translate ideas into action allows our customers to provide features that excite the marketplace. Live stitching is just one example of how we are enabling customization that elevates the look and feel of the vehicle’s interior. Whether you are want to keep it simple or make it complex our stitching process allows you to customize to the precise look you desire.

Business Information

CpK is committed to strengthening our market position through the growth and development of our workforce and products. As a result, our highly talented and experienced team operates within a world class environment developing technological advancements for the industry. We embrace and develop critical technologies. Our advanced product development capabilities place us on the leading edge in stitch design and scientifically developed material solutions. All of which are aimed at increasing your return on investment.

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