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CpK is shaping the future through innovative research, development and critical thinking.

Material Compounding

CpK moulding, assembly and sequencing experts can add significant value to your next interior.

Design for Manufacturing

CpK has the knowledge and experience to design the vehicle interior that is manufactured efficiently.

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Injection Moulding

Vertical integration is a mainstay at CpK and in-house injection moulding of Class A interior products, structural components and large complex modules is a core competency.

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Cast Skin and Foam

At CpK, our cast skin and foam products provide a premium look and exceptionally soft feel. Trust CpK to delivery the best quality cast skin and foam for any automotive interior.

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Precise assembly depends on exacting attention to every detail, especially with hundreds of module variations passing through a single assembly operation.


At CpK, we have sequencing down to an art form.