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CpK doesn’t follow market trends, we start them. The core of research and development at CpK starts with our team of dedicated scientists and engineers. Our R&D teams are experts in new material formulation and commercialization, as well as developing completely new products and processes that are not available in the market.

CpK is at the forefront of the materials evolution and is incorporating new materials to produce products with unique advantages. CpK’s vertical approach allows new material formulations to be taken from the idea phase to parts in under a week.

Benefits include:

  • Weight reduction
  • Low VOC
  • Advanced composite materials (Natural Fibers, Graphene, Carbon Fiber)
  • In-house durability testing (accelerated weathering, accelerated ageing, physical properties testing, etc.)

Highest Quality
Of Products

Experience combined with a statistical approach to the manufacturing process deliver perfect results, every time. Choose CpK IP for quality.

Massive Capacity
for Materials

Delivering materials including TPU, deployable grade PVC and non-deployable grade PVC.

Process Innovation:

Compression Injection Molding Composites

Weight reduction innovation is achieved by utilizing a compressed sustainable natural fiber that is back injected with a thermoplastic that provides additional structure.

Dynamic Fluid Compression Moulding

Low cycle times and high fiber content allows CpK to design advanced composites with industry leading properties.

Dual Cast Powder Slush Technology

CpK has designed and fabricated in-house casting technology to better meet the demands of a low cost and high performance market. Developed to produce a cast skin and foam product in one process step; this new technology features low cycle times, multi-color capability, and allows for more complex part geometries.

Product Development

Double Cast

CpK has developed a powder slush foam that is capable of being casted behind a lightweight Class A material. This new product eliminates the need for a traditional “foam-in-place” step and removes polyurethane from the overall part construction. This product offers up to 70% weight savings over traditional constructions and the reduced process steps lead to significant cost reductions. The product is fully “tunable” to meet customer haptic requirements.

Light Weight Skin and Foam

CpK has developed innovative tooling that allows foam-in-place closed pour products at half the weight of the competition.

TPU/Graphene IP

CpK is the first automotive interior company to offer graphene infused materials for use as flexible Class A skins. Whether you are looking for a product for Alaska or the United Arab Emirates, we’ve got you covered. Our new instrument panel grade flexible thermoplastic polyurethane with graphene has increased the service temperature of the product while maintaining cold flexibility below -50°C.

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