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MORE THAN on the Map.

The Cpk footprint allows us to provide consistent, just-in-time service to our customers. Our placement has allowed us to combine the strengths of vertical integration with unique centers of excellence. We are centrally positioned, allowing us to readily provide support in all areas of expertise, from raw
materials through delivery.


Precision in performance materials compounding is the key to consistent,
high-quality products. At our Belleville plant, years of experience combined with a statistical approach to the manufacturing process deliver perfect results,
every time.

Our Hydrogrind proprietary processing technology results in the most consistent and precise particle size in the industry. This comes from exacting processes controlling our in-house designed processing equipment. Cpk’s Belleville operation has the capacity to meet your performance materials requirements;
in fact we can deliver more than 10 million pounds of materials including TPU, PVC and C10PVC annually.

134 River Road, Corbyville, Ontario, CA K0K 1V0
Phone: +1.613.391.4611   |   Fax: +1.613.962.9085


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Port Hope is the home of tooling and production for cast skin and foam.
This location is where we engage the unique process that produces the tactile feel and exceptional fit and finish that Cpk is known for.

To create a truly superior product takes statistical accuracy combined with flawless craftsmanship. Port Hope delivers on both points without fail to produce industry-leading interior products.

128 Peter Street, Port Hope, Ontario, CA L1A 3W4
Phone: +1.905.885.7231   |   Fax: +1.905.885.2658


This award-winning factory is where all Cpk assembly and sequencing
take place. Our multiple Assembly Lines and Injection Moulding Presses
are centrally located to serve Toronto and the U.S. to meet the daily needs
of our OEM customers.

Whether it is delivering on engineering needs or ensuring just-in-time delivery,
the goal at Guelph is to meet and exceed customer satisfaction in delivery
and quality while continually improving performance.
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500 Laird Rd, Guelph, Ontario, CA N1G 3X7
Phone: +1.519.767.4200   |   Fax: +1.519.767.4227

Auburn Hills SALES

Our knowledgeable, dedicated sales team and complete program management reside at this location. The center of every customer project and activity, Auburn Hills sees that all efforts run smoothly from start to finish. It only makes sense that Cpk has a vested interest in your success, because in the end, that’s what defines everything we do.

Auburn Hills, MI, USA
Sales Office: +