1. Our Capabilities
  2. Design for Manufacturing
  3. Material Compounding
  4. Injection Moulding
  5. Cast Skin and Foam
  6. Assembly
  7. Sequencing

IT'S WHAT'S Inside.

At Cpk, precision is not just a word. It is the foundation of everything we
do throughout our organization. Our extensive capabilities leverage a deep understanding of your business, thanks to our roots in the automotive industry. We excel at collaborating, coordinating, innovating and delivering
flawless results.

Our specialties include design for manufacturing; material compounding; injection moulding; cast skin and foam; assembly and sequencing; always with an eye for absolute accuracy. Cpk products include performance materials, fully assembled instrument panels, door panels, integrated console modules, and wide range of moulded interior and exterior components.

Shape the future by partnering with a world class organization that understands how repeatable craftsmanship converts to award-winning interiors.


Cpk moulding, assembly and sequencing experts can add significant value to your next interior. Tapping into our state-of-the-art resources and expertise early in the engineering stage is a smart way to achieve exemplary results. Working together we can shape the best solutions to accomplish your craftsmanship goals while achieving product and manufacturing efficiencies. Our extensive knowledge will ensure that your next design will even prevent unnecessary warranty problems in the future.

The earlier Cpk consultants are involved, the more we can help with your design goals. Whether your goals involve unique textures, ultra-soft cast skins, or the use of lightweight or recycled materials, consult with our specialists to bring your exclusive interior designs to life.


True quality begins with impeccable materials. At Cpk, extensive R&D has resulted in blends so refined they are proven to exceed the automotive industries most stringent performance challenges. Reduced setup-times, consistent mould flow and engineered performance… all the reasons Cpk premium performance materials are the preferred choice of world-class moulders. Why are we so confident our materials can meet even the most demanding requirements? Because we are not just a material supplier, we are also premium injection and cast skin moulders ourselves.

Cpk’s proprietary Hydrogrind™ technology produces exacting tolerances to match the requirements of your specific process. By implementing superior raw materials with our flawless compounding process, these materials perform as beautiful as they look. Let our team of experts assist in selecting the best material for your application. From high-end dual-gloss interior surfaces with the softest touch in the industry to superior grain definition, seamless airbag deployment; and color, UV and heat age properties, we’ve got you covered.


Vertical integration is a mainstay at Cpk and in-house injection moulding of Class A interior products, structural components and large complex modules is a core competency. A heritage in moulding knowledge paired with state of the art equipment allows us to meet your design specifications where others cannot. Cpk’s tuned equipment includes the most up-to-date computer-integrated-manufacturing (CIM) and robotics to ensure the efficiency and accuracy we demand of each and every product we produce.

It takes more than technology to claim we are world-class moulders. Our employees are trained in advanced moulding techniques, quality assurance and continuous improvement. Aligned with the essence of our Cpk brand, we record SPC data automatically and always ensure that we stay within the processing window that correlates to consistently superior part quality and performance.

PREMIUM Haptics.

At Cpk, our cast skin and foam products provide a premium look and exceptionally soft feel. A signature product for luxury interiors, we have the
best-in-class dual-gloss surface that will make your interior a winner with even the most demanding consumers. Be prepared to take credit for the rave reviews from automotive journalists.

Our moulded-in-color slush TPU formulation provides a premium appearance
along with a number of other advantages. It offers all the benefits of sprayed urethane at a substantially lower cost. The lightweight skin reduces weight,
as well. From a design standpoint, cast skin and foam provide a haptic feel as well as greater freedom in shape. With sharper radii than vacuum formed skins, designers are empowered to do more. Contact a Cpk professional today for expert insights on how cast skin technology can transform your vehicle interior.


Precise assembly depends on exacting attention to every detail, especially with hundreds of module variations passing through a single assembly operation.
We engage Poka-Yoke quality management for error-proofing in all facets of our process to make sure you always get it on time, in sequence, exactly the way
it was ordered.

At Cpk, our state of the art equipment and processes leave nothing to chance. Light curtains illuminate to show workers what part matches the IP they are building. Continuous scanning of bar codes to make sure it’s the right part in the right place. Every step of the assembly process is checked along the way to eliminate fit and finish issues, squeaks, rattles and the like. Here, technology and craftsmanship work together for the ultimate in precision.


At Cpk, we have sequencing down to an art form. And our sequencing extends far beyond our own modules and parts. From complex cockpit assemblies to multi-featured consoles and door panels, we are experts in orchestrating with your extended supply base to achieve just in time delivery built to your broadcast. Our Guelph, Ontario facility is prepared to instantly respond and
make any adjustments necessary while staying on schedule.

While there are hundreds of interior combinations passing through our sites daily, be assured that our systems will keep everything built to order, in sequence and on time – just in time.